Through guided relaxation you will be able to access memories in the subconscious where you may have, in the past, placed a faulty negative conclusion about yourself, or others. With compassionate self-awareness you will begin to see yourself more clearly and less judgmentally.  Anxiety, depression, and unwanted emotional reactions can be released, allowing you to feel less stressed, and more fulfilled.

Wendy McCarty - Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, licensed marriage and family therapist

Wendy McCarty has been working in Dual Diagnosis treatment since 2006. Underlying causes of  anxiety, depression, addiction, and other unwanted behaviors and emotions, are at the core of her work. She has developed an approach to treating these issues that combines individual and family therapy with hypnotherapy, providing positive, no nonsense, long lasting results. Wendy treats Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, as well as more common issues of emotional resilience and anger issues.

Wendy has earned post-graduate degrees in the following fields of study: Marriage and Family Therapy, Spiritual Psychology, and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Wendy specializes in the treatment of shock and trauma and its relationship to other unwanted emotions and behaviors. She brings a unique blend of evidence based treatment (CBT), Somatic Experiencing, (release of shock and trauma from the subconscious and physical body) and hypnosis, into the therapeutic process.

Wendy has a deep capacity to assist young and old alike in learning how to uncover faulty self judgements held in the subconscious, cultivate a deeper understanding of one’s life purpose, and how to maintain the self-regulatory skills needed to live a full and authentic life.

Wendy has worked at Passages Dual Diagnosis Recovery 30 day in-patient facility in Ventura, California, for the last 5 years, as well as being in private practice for the last 6 years.

Wendy conducts individualized therapy, and also holds weekly groups on the effects of trauma, the benefits of meditation, and identification and release of self-limiting beliefs.

Please contact her at 847-274-4840 for a free consultation.

She has offices in Lake Bluff, Il, and will conduct therapy via telecommunication.

You will project your subconscious onto the world around you to learn from it, to solve it. You are not bound by it.
— Carl Jung